Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

At PDC, we prefer spending time on making you happy than on being legally prepared for all kinds of eventualities. We are proud to say that every single invoice issued since we started in 2010 was paid in full without any argument.

For this reason, PDC's projects can usually be contracted according to your company's terms and conditions. However, there are a few principles we would like to stick to if possible:

  • A time budget is usually agreed in advance and this serves as a cap to the time charged to your company. This does not mean that projects are 'fixed price'; if (significantly) more time is needed than anticipated, budget, activities and deliverables will be revised. If you do prefer a fixed price offer, we can only do so after detailed documentation of activities and deliverables.

  • Travel expenses are fully transparent and charged at cost.

  • PDC does not have a professional liability insurance (yet), because a. this kind of insurance is prohibitively expensive and b. PDC generally offers advice, and is never 100% responsible for the full implementation of this advice. If professional liability is absolutely essential, please let us know at your earliest opportunity.

  • VAT (BTW, sales tax) can often be transferred to your own home country. PDC is happy to do so, as long as European, Dutch and your own country's tax laws allow this.

  • Our rates vary somewhat, mostly according to the size of the project, the expertise required and - of course - our own capacity utilisation forecast...

    If you expect to get Director-quality advice at a 'Big X' Junior Consultant's rate then you're not far off.


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