At PDC, we are not all that worried about 'the competition'. Not because we are so much better than other consultancies, but because we feel growing our business will be easier, rather than harder, if more companies focus on the vast remaining potential for the application of optimisation techniques to RM and pricing.

In the past four years, we have worked with many partners, ranging from large software providers to other boutique consultancies and individual experts, and we are always interested to discuss mutually beneficial joint ventures.

One company we are planning to work with in the near future is Millennium Aviation, Inc., headed up by Ricardo Pilon ( Millennium Aviation is a boutique coaching firm specialised in business model transformation methodologies and profitability enhancement in commercial aviation. The firm was founded by Ricardo Pilon in the Netherlands in 1995 and has served 216 customers to date. Millennium Aviation is based in Canada, and offers world-wide service out of Montreal, Amsterdam and Singapore with a team of Senior Associates and three strategic partners. The company enables its customers to revive, grow or sustain profitability by identifying strategic blind spots and using techniques to address them. The company applies its proprietary Cruising to Profits® Business Model Transformation Process and Methodology, a toolbox that includes 7 phases, 10 steps and metrics including the Business Model Health Index. 



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