Training and Skills Assessment

The phrase 'human resources are a company's most valuable (or even only real) assets' probably brings to mind a range of Dilbertesque scenarios, but it is still fair to say that any real change in a company's decision-making has to be accompanied by at least a brief explanation of what is changing and why...

Pieter Dorhout Consulting can help educate your employees in several ways: 

  1. We offer a course on the concepts and history of Revenue Management and Price Optimisation. Without getting too detailed and technical, this course offers trainees a conceptual understanding of the economics and mathematics used in RM, as well as a platform to discuss and share views on these topics. The course can be tailored specifically to your industry's or company's requirements, and as we can leverage a wealth of tried and tested training materials, this is also a very affordable way to give your people a solid founding in RM theory. Click on the icon to the right to download the brochure.
  2. As part of implementing any of Pieter Dorhout Consulting's change recommendations, the reasoning behind and detail of those recommendations can be communicated officially and comprehensively to the employees concerned, either by means of a memo or whitepaper, or by arranging a presentation or workshop.
  3. We can also do a skills assessment of the current RM or pricing team. This is particularly useful at the start of a large change programme, such as the implementation of an automated RM or pricing application. The assessment will identify possible deficiencies in the employees capabilities, such as:
    • Statistical, mathematical and analytical skills
    • Commercial insight and market knowledge
    • Communication and reporting skills
    • General level of experience and education
    • Overall attitude towards change and eagerness to learn and develop new skills