Introduction to RM

There is a lot of information about RM around. A somewhat arbitrary selection:

  1. The entry on Yield Management on Wikipedia is a bit random, but it's a good quick introduction and offers some good further links; the entry on Revenue Management is more coherent and structured
  2. One of the first business books about RM, Revenue Management - Hard-core Tactics for Market Domination, by Bob Cross, the founder of Aeronomics (and later Revenue Analytics), is still an excellent non-technical introduction to the logic behind RM (and a real bargain at just over $10!)
  3. Bob Phillips, DFI founder and Bob Cross' main partner at DFI-Aeronomics/Talus, wrote a much more analytical text book, Pricing and Revenue Optimization, but it is still very accessible without detailed mathematical knowledge
  4. The Journal for Pricing and Revenue Management is the only journal dedicated to this field; it is quite academic and aimed at OR professionals
  5. The Harvard Business Review publication on pricing has nothing to do with Revenue Management, but offers a good quick overview of the wider pricing landscape
  6. For German readers, the comprehensive text book by Prof. Robert Klein and Dr. Claudius Reinhardt offers a thorough introduction
  7. Another German author, Michael Müller-Bungart, wrote Revenue Management with Flexible Products, especially focusing on the broadcasting industry and simulation of stochastic demand data; the section on media RM is quite mathematical.