PDC & Thirdhome

Like many PDC clients, Thirdhome has a unique business model: their members own luxury(!) holiday villas around the world, and swap weeks in their villas with other members through an exchange platform. Determining the value of each week deposited has so far been a straightforward and transparent exercise, but it has not 'cleared the market' very well. A more scientific approach to 'pricing' should lead to a significant increase in the number of successful exchanges, and thereby in greater happiness for all (and more booking fees)!


In early 2019, PDC was contracted by DER Touristik Deutschland, the third-biggest integrated tour operator in Germany and sister company of Apollo Rejser within the REWE Group, to lead the transition from manual pricing to scientific, automated pricing. A very exciting project, given how much incremental revenue is at stake (and how much work needs to be done). And also PDC's first project in Germany.

Current Engagements

At the moment (April 2019), PDC has limited availability to take on new engagements. Please get in touch if you want to discuss.



In 2013, Pieter joined the committee of Revenue Management and Pricing International (http://rmapi.org/), a member organisation dedicated to sharing RM related knowledge.

The next (members-only) conference will be in London on Friday the 7th of June 2019. If you are interested to join RMAPI, or to present to us, please get in touch.

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