Consultancy Services

PDC offers different types of consulting (and management) services.

Business Consulting

Do your prices dynamically balance the supply of your production capacity with the demand for your products in such a way that your profits could even come close to being maximised?

Yes? Congratulations, you have reached the ultimate goal of every business owner!

No? Well, at least you have spotted an opportunity to improve, and PDC would love to work with you to define and exploit this opportunity.

Whatever we do, we will aim to be visionary and pragmatic at the same time; we acknowledge details and complexity – be it technical, mathematical or organisational – but we won’t let these obscure the big picture or get in the way of concrete results.

The links below contain some more information on the type of engagements we can do for you, but please feel free to contact us at if you want to discuss any particular needs.

Automation Consulting

Automating RM and Pricing processes is a Big Challenge! The challenges may be different depending on your strategy, but the nature of RM and Pricing systems means that the core of your commercial business processes will be affected very fundamentally.

The links below offer some detail about the services Pieter Dorhout Consulting can offer. If you have specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us at And while reading all this, bear in mind a few general considerations:


  1. Software development and implementation is both an art and a science; to create an effective team with both ‘arty’ and scientific people requires active co-ordination.
  2. An RM and Pricing system is a decision-making system; experience with developing and implementing decision-support systems is useful, but not sufficient.
  3. Don’t decide on ‘make or buy’ and ‘evolution or revolution’ before you have aclear vision of what your ideal system would do.
  4. This is probably not your company’s core business, so don’t be reluctant to get help!

Interim Management

PDC does not only advise clients how to improve the profitability of their business. We are also quite happy to ‘eat the pudding’ so to say, by temporarily becoming part of your own organisation. In some cases, this will be a project team, but PDC can also fill a (temporary) vacancy in your regular organisation structure, preferably on a part-time basis. Our interim management rates are generally lower than our business consulting rates.

If you want to discuss your specific interim management requirements, simply send us an email at